My Poetry 

“It’s Friday Night in Ritchie”

‘Twas the night before bow season and all through the woods,
the Hartley Hill hunters were searching for their goods.
The season came so quickly that none were prepared
For a tote full of camo still needed to be aired.
The arrows weren’t quivered, the bow strings were frayed
Boots were filled with a nest that the mice neatly laid.
The deer were on the run, for somehow they knew
That Ritchie county hunters, ready or not, would be out with the dew.
But over in Kadena, missing his second straight season
Sat a pouting young Airman, with ABUs instead of camo and tree-stands.
He traded his bow for a rifle ~ but not to hunt deer
Instead he must work to keep freedom for his countrymen far and near.
But please don’t you fret, for all is not lost
Cabelas has graciously created
Deer hunting on Xbox.

High in the Stands

A young boy
full of vigor and life
stands on that wrestling mat
with his arm raised high
huge smile on his face
he stares into the crowd
Mom and dad
sit high in the stands
beaming with pride
at their little man

A strong-willed little girl
always giving it her all
watching the wind up of the pitcher
keeping her eye on that yellow ball
the crack of the bat
the race to the base
Mom and dad
sitting high in the stands
cheering so loudly
drowning out the rest of the fans

High in the stands
sits their biggest fans
a love so strong and wide
as they watch their babies grow
their hearts swell with pride
nothing or no one can take this away
God gave them these gifts
a blessing to share with the world
each and every day
The older they grow
the more decisions to make
caps and gowns all around
another milestone has passed
a trip across the stage they take
Mom and dad
sitting high in the stands
cameras and videos record their babies
becoming a young lady and a young man

Following in the footsteps
of family long passed
Airmen they will become
Basic Training they will outlast
the highest honor - called to serve
God, country, family, and friends
Mom and dad
sitting high in the stands
watching a scene like no other
as the Airman’s Creed they recite
a coin awarded for their plight
a young man and woman
destined for great things

Mom and dad
sitting high in the stands
the future of their children they ponder
the United States Air Force
a career full of wonder
their Airmen fly off
the Wild Blue Yonder they pursue
called to serve and protect
the glorious Red, White, and Blue