The CPS Series

She’s a sarcastic and stubborn strawberry-blonde with a red-headed temper, and an addiction to Dairy Queen Blizzards. She’s sworn off men forever.
He’s a green-eyed, rock-hard bodied Probation Officer, that works 24/7 because he has no life outside of work. 
When CPS worker Sadey Collins is sent to investigate the abuse/neglect of a drug using mother, she has no idea that this case will be the one to change her life forever. Being run over by the drug dealer causes her to confront more than she’s willing to admit. For the first time in her life, she’s falling in love. But, Chase Davis isn’t just any man – he’s the soon-to-be brother-in-law of her best friend.
As if this doesn’t complicate her life enough… her family, this case and his job force her to confront the one thing that’s been haunting her most of her life – her strained relationship with her father. Convincing herself to look to the future instead of the past has her on an emotional roller-coaster she’s struggling to control.

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He walked out the back door carrying a tray of hamburgers. 6’2” of rock-hard muscle. All of a sudden, every nerve ending in my body lit up like a stick of dynamite. This energy-filled zing started at the top of my head and went straight to my toes – never missing a single part of my body. Holy hell!
 She has the most sparkling green eyes I’ve ever seen, and I’m absolutely under her spell. I had to force myself to focus on the conversation that was happening around the table, and try not to think about the hard-on I was currently sporting, no thanks to the green-eyed devil sitting across from me. I’m screwed!

One violent event after another thrusts Sadey Collins directly into the protective arms of Chase Davis. He’s become her bodyguard, her protector, and the one man that has ever turned her brain to mush and her body into one giant electrical current. They both try their best to skirt around the physical attraction that is brewing between them, but a fiery kiss and an ice cream mishap is all it takes to send Chase and Sadey straight to the bedroom, where secrets are revealed and sex is taken to a new level.
  Meanwhile, Sadey is trying to fix a client while trying not to let her heart get in the way, and unsuccessfully trying to ignore her own tensions with her father. From cases of abuse and neglect, to a family reconciliation, to the best sex of their lives, Chase and Sadey take on everything that life is throwing at them. 

**This book is a steamier, more romantic version of Broken Promises, the first book in the CPS Novel series. Strong sexual content**
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Child Protective Service worker Sadey Collins is back to doing what she does best – annoy clients and tick off drug dealers. After years of broken promises, she’s finally building a relationship with her father. But underlying jealousy and unresolved guilt creates a small wall between Sadey and her sister that she must work hard emotionally to tear down. Just as it seems that her hard work is beginning to pay off and her life is settling down to a nice routine, she finds that her happiness is once again short-lived.
Murder, kidnapping, drive-by shootings and explosions once again leave Sadey badly injured and under round-the-clock protection and continuous hovering from her rock solid, drop-dead gorgeous fiancé, Chase. But it doesn’t stop there. With a house full of friends and family, another surgery and a killer on the loose, the stress is building. But it takes a four-year-old little girl and an ex-con to break it all loose.
Follow along as strangers become friends, friends become family and a killer takes a journey through the hills of West Virginia; his biggest mistake being that he thinks he can outsmart a couple of ticked-off detectives and a sheriff with a vendetta. But don’t settle back in too quickly – you might find an ending that leaves more questions than answers.
No matter how calm and boring that her mother and her fiancé attempt to make her life, CPS worker Sadey Collins always manages to keep their lives full of ‘dumb things that Sadey does’ stories for them to share – and stress out about. But healing from gunshot wounds and planning a wedding are currently the small stressors in her life. Adding a child to the mix, investigating a child molester, chasing a murderer, fighting with her mother and constantly avoiding Chase’s suggestion that she quit her job, Sadey struggles to find a balance between her home life, her work life, and her own sanity. Can she keep herself and her family safe? Can she live up to her new roles as wife and mother? Or will Chase finally get his wish?
While being an abuse and neglect investigator for Child Protective Services is almost second nature to Sadey Davis, being a wife and mother are new hats she’s wearing. Five-year-old Livie was already giving her a run for her money, but newborn twins are an adventure she never thought she’d be taking. Now two weeks into her maternity leave and her plans for a calm and quiet New Year have taken a turn for the worse; threats from an ex-boyfriend and confronting a child rapist are now on the menu, and that’s before she even returns to her regularly scheduled job. But throwing in a little domestic violence, some hormone imbalance, and a little alcohol poisoning is all it takes to make her question her sanity, her career choice, and her ability to juggle all her hats without making her jump off the deep end.
What happens when you finally think you have your life back to normal? In the world of Sadey Davis, Child Protective Service Worker, normal gets turned upside down again and chaos becomes your new routine. Old problems become new complications, too many investigations become overwhelming, and new clients become stalkers. Black and white becomes a murky gray when lines are crossed and, after the unthinkable happens, Sadey is forced to confront her fears head-on, but never alone, as Chase stands by her side through it all, even while dealing with some surprises in his own life. New relatives, new marriages, new stalkers, new job titles, and a new outlook on life are just a few new things that pop up in Sadey’s life. But, what happens when one of the few stabilities in her life are gone?